Vignoble d'Anjou

Welcome to the estate !

Domaine des Noëls is located in Bellevigne-en-Layon, a small village on the Anjou vineyard, which is part of the Loire Valley.

The parcels are spread over the estate and 4 surrounding villages. The estate owns in total 30 hectares of vines.

Not less than 14 wines are produced and bottled on site, divided into 9 different appellations:

la côte des Noëls
AOP Coteaux du Layon Faye d'Anjou


  • Coteaux du Layon Faye d'Anjou
  • Coteaux du Layon
  • Anjou Villages
  • Anjou Rouge
  • Anjou Gamay
  • Anjou Blanc
  • Cabernet d'Anjou
  • Rosé d'Anjou
  • Rosé de Loire
  • Crémant de Loire

IGP Val de Loire :

  • Sauvignon

Well exposed

The vines are mostly planted on the Noël's hill, which widely benefits from underground watering, sun and wind all year long. It does allow the vines to grow quickly during the spring and then to pick over-ripe grapes up at harvest. Clay and silty soils mainly compose our terroir. It offers our wines remarquable flavours and aromas, testimony of quality for the estate.

Respect, tradition and modernity

Last but nos least, the know-how allows us to best adapt our methods regarding the growing or winemaking process. The aim is to elaborate quality wines, while paying full respect to our soils and preserving the environment.

Respectful know-how


Finally, our know-how allows us to better adapt our farming methods, in order to develop quality wines, while respecting and preserving as much as possible our soils and our environment.

New products have appeared for the field in 2019.

Indeed, we have obtained H.V.E. : High Environmental Value level 3/3. It aims to promote productions from farms that voluntarily engage in environmentally friendly approaches.
It allows to attest that the elements of biodiversity (hedges, grass strips, trees, flowers, insects ...) are very widely present on the farm and that the pressure of agricultural practices on the environment (air, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, landscapes ...) is reduced to a minimum.

Guided tour

Specific path in the wines to give explanations about grapes and vines.
Tour of the winery and the vats room to discover the winemaking process.
Tasting of the wines in our guests room.


Walks and bike paths around the estate to enjoy the quietness of the region and the landscapes.

Groups tour

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