propriété familiale depuis 1921

A family winery since 1921

Domaine des Noëls is a family-run vineyard. It dates back to 1928 and since then, four winemakers generations succeeded one after another. Today, Jean-Michel GARNIER is the new winemaker running the place. He chose to step into the business after that his father in law decided to retire in 1995.

 Jean-Michel has been previously working at Ackerman, one of the big Saumur sparkling wines houses and took his classes in Reims, getting training at some Champagne houses. He graduated as an oenologist.

l'équipe du domaine des Noëls

Two generations, one estate

In 1995, the estate was only 14 hectares. Jean-Michel bought some new parcels every then and now. Through the years, the team working on the estate was developed.

Eric Bazantay, who first came to work as a picker in 2003, decided he wanted to settle down as a winegrower a few years later. In 2010, Jean-Michel suggested Eric they could become business partners. Since 2010, they are working together. Eric graduated as a viticultural engineer, so he is now in charge of the vines while Jean-Michel looks after the wine production.

 During the last century, traditional methods were used on the estate such as horses to work on the soils. There were only oak barrels used for fermentation and ageing. At this time, Domaine des Noëls was only producing small quantities of the local wine: Coteaux du Layon.

Today, Jean-Michel and Eric still elaborate their wines according to tradition but blended with a bit of modernity.